Mirakulin tablet should dissolve completely on the tongue, covering all parts of the mouth.

Don’t bite on it and don’t swallow it.

Immediate effect lasts up to 2 hours – depending on the individual taste sensation.

By the end of this time miraculin it is washed away by saliva and returns normal feeling of flavors – without any side effects.

The effect can be neutralized before drinking hot drinks – such as tea If you feel that the effect of taste disappears – you can dissolve another portion – there are no restrictions on the amount of consumption mirakuliny.

During the consumption of foods under mirakuliny should be common sense moderation. Absorption kilogram of lemons cause the same effect as no mirakuliny (yes, it’s hard to resist the taste

Keep in mind that the intensity of feeling is a matter of individual taste for each person, so one will reach the desired effect after dissolving 1 tablet, others 2 tablets.

There is no 100% guarantee to the mirakulin effect, but during many years of usage, inspection and testing, there was no case of complete lack of impact of protein on the taste buds.