Cow dairy is a fairly controversial ingredient of a contemporary, healthy, presumed diet. The main culprit is lactose, or milk sugar, from which digestion of a lot of people has a clear problem. With age, the activity of lactase (the digestive enzyme that decomposes lactose) decreases, which can be associated with unpleasant symptoms. Guts, gases, abdominal pain, nausea or strange intestinal sounds – sounds familiar? If we notice that after dairy withdrawal the situation improves, it is worth to permanently give up the milk or cow’s cheese. How to stop the milk is not a rather big problem (you can turn it into any vegetable milk), so loved cheese replace hard. Or maybe not?

We have a great proposition for quinoa and sweets fans on their base.

4 servings recipe:

  • coconut flour 200 g
  • coconut mil or water (skinny version) ok. 400 g
  • 4 lemons
  • raspberiies 400 g

This miracle treat is trivial to prepare. Just pour the flour into the salad bowl and add in milk or water, then mix thoroughly – ready! The mass has to be set aside for a few minutes (coconut milk is heavily absorbed), during which time you can take care of the fruit. Raspberries are generally sour (sweet are rare to buy), but there is a great way to blow up their sweetness. Just add the squeezed lemon juice to them :D. We knead raspberries leaving some to stick up on a toothpick – to decorate. We mix the prepared pasta with this mixture, but before we go for a meal, we reach out for a portion of „miracle fruit” – miraculin. When the tablet completely dissolves in the mouth, it is time for dessert!

Mirakulin will reach out for the sweetness hidden in a lemon juice, raspberries and get the most of it. Enjoy Your treat 🙂


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